Oh Ailey

Sometimes cats don’t want anything to do with you, but when you are working with yarn?! They are all up in your business. So today’s post is brought to you by snuggly cats, take it when you can get it, because it won’t last long.

So, socks…

I made one, didn’t like the pattern, so I am exploring other ideas.

I am however, making quilts


These two quilt tops were easy to whip up, half way through the first quilt I had to take my machine to the shop 😞, this machine and I don’t get a long. Ten years old and I’ve finally learned that you should never expect things to go smoothly, because that is when it acts up.

I got it back in time to finish this quilt on Monday, it is the very first quilt I started in our guild and the most trouble.  

I bought this walking foot a few weeks back which has enabled me to do extra things in quilting now.   
Such as sewing the layers together!!

This sweater has giving me a bit of an issue, I had never done Raglans before so I was unaware that you don’t count the stitch in between the stitch markers which led to an hour of math, a headache, and then asking my husband for help. We’ve since figured it out and now I have sleeves on stitch holders!!

We’ve been preparing for our new arrivals this week, and by new arrivals, I mean at the end of the week we will be hearing the teeny tiny patter of….chicken feet. Yes folks, baby critters are on their way! 

We did some work on the chicken tractor to help prepare


Toph will explain here…(short and sweet video due to profanity whoops!!)

  And Mr. Fluffy butt is getting a brand new portable summer home, it is in the process of being finished.

Now my friends, have I ever found something cool!! We have two houses on our property, the one we inhabit and one that is not livable, I went exploring in the older house and went upstairs for the first real time and found THIS

You know what’s under that lid?!

Ohhhh yeah! It “works”, meaning things still move and the light turns on, however, it doesn’t sew and I cannot find a manual for the life of me. I keep hearing good things about this machine, so I won’t give up!!

Miss Ailey has had enough of me now, so I must go back to working on my project. 
Have a great day folks!!

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