Welcome to New England

Where you can experience 70 degree weather, snow, & rain within a 72 hour period, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This weekend we decided that Carrick was in desperate need of a trim, he had a couple dreads going on from where rain happened to get into the shelter under the solar panels where his hutch is. We plan on building him an out door summer hutch, but for now he has a nice 8′ x 8′ pen to play in on warm sunny days.

Moose gets tired watching others hard at work

We got several pieces of cattle feed lock panels and zip tied chicken wire on the bottom, so Carrick won’t be able to escape.

As you can see, it also makes a great pen for little kids 

As you can see Carrick had a lot of hair, probably about two inches

Here he is after his “awful hair cut” as the kids like to call it, my goal wasn’t to make him pretty though, it was to cool him off. 

This week in quilting we finished 15 quilts, for the newborns at the hospitals near us. Which by the way makes me very excited as I have several expecting friends right now and how cool would it be if they ended up with one of the quilts I made 🙂

This the top of a quilt I made on Monday

Followed by several of the quilts that were finished by the time lunch break rolled around.

This week at the school, they are trapping leprechauns, so I made this pot of fools gold for Leif to take in.

Speaking of Leif, Toph bought him a hammer over the weekend, so he can help build the portable pig shelter and Leif turned around and built his sister a shelf 

Have a great day folks!

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