Luck of the draw

It’s been awhile, I’m a jerk I know. Honestly I don’t know how other bloggers find the time to blog every day, I’m lucky if I can get a post in every week. Thank you for tolerating my lack of posts. 

So the powerball, woo wee what a rush. I usually never buy lottery tickets, but I was feeling lucky last week so I bought a few and you know what?! I won $14 how about that. I picked my own numbers and the first time I picked them I screwed up and thought “hey, maybe it was a lucky screw up”, so then I wrote them all out correctly and did another pick your own and  then let the computer pick. The first ticket I screwed up and the second ticket each had THREE of the numbers. I’m going to take that $14 and buy some baby chicks. I’m wild, I know lol. That’ll probably be the end of my powerball playing though.
The snow is finally here and with it comes new adventures. Lorelai is part of a ski program that happens once a week, I’ve signed up to be a volunteer and I’m actually having a lot of fun. First we tried cross country but there was a lot of falling, so we have switched to snow shoe. Just three kids in the group, myself, and another lady. We have also been snowshoeing on our property, where we have been finding a lot of tracks. 


No idea what this print is right here, I’ve never seen it before and for all I know an animal could have picked up its foot and set it back down again giving us six toes lol.

We have had a lot of deer action on the farm lately, chewing on the trees, the hedges outside our living room window, down by our brush pile. I found a deer bed while snowshoeing with Moose yesterday 

 Lorelai and I aren’t the only ones who have been testing out winter sports, Leif decided to give cross country skiing a try the other day, the skis are way to big but he enjoyed himself 

I did a little exploring this weekend, our property has two houses, the house we live in, and then an old house that is filled with black mold and needs to be gutted. I don’t often go into the other house because of the mold and when I have gone in, it is generally for five minutes at a time. It’s like a museum in there with all the items that have been left behind  

THIS was something I was not expecting, it was hidden away in a corner under old curtains, no idea if it works or not, but wow! A nice piece of history I’d say! I probably won’t go back in until spring when we gut the place, I hate to do it but it is a big hazard and it has to happen in order to make it not toxic.
Okay it’s the time you’ve all been waiting for (I think?!) craft time 🎉

Here are a few things I’ve been working on since the last time I posted

I FINALLY made a sock, my first successful sock!!! I am so excited & proud! 

I made a mitten, hoping to make a second after I finish Lorelai’s birthday present

I made a scarf! No pattern either! I just kind of did my own thing ( does this count as my first pattern?!) 

And I am currently working on a mermaid blanket which I am hoping to have finished by Saturday in time for Lorelai’s birthday party, her last year in the single digits (don’t mind that tear on my check I have allergies….)
Have a great day folks, see you next week….maybe 😉

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