I have been working my Christmas magic for the last several days and today my fine folks, for you I present the hat that I am 97% finished with *drumroll* 

I’m in the process of doing the applied icord and then I’ll add the buttons! This has been a very exciting project to work on,  mainly because Toph ALWAYS figures out what I have gotten him for Christmas before Christmas Day and this time he has no idea. 

This last week has been rather….dramatic. We’ve had the tail end of tonsillitis (Lorelai), anxiety attacks (that’d be me), head injuries (Leif, he is fine now but I am going to out this kid in a bubble), and a trip to the hospital for a peanut allergy (Toph, who also thankfully okay. It was a very scary night). I am truly hoping that all the craziness has ended and that we can finish the rest of the year in holiday bliss.

Last night we decorated the tree, while we listened to some Jingle Bell Rock playlist on YouTube, followed by Rudolph the red nose reindeer playing on the organ by Lorelai. 

Have a great day folks!! 

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