I can’t feel my toes

It is cold here, I’ve got sweaters, blankets, heavy duty socks, and even my snuggie on right now and I can still feel a chill in my spine! We’ve been trying to take advantage of the sunny days to get things done, but those are few and far between lately. 

 Sunday we took a little time for fun and did a wagon ride around the field with the lawn mower

 And made glow in the dark minecraft swords

  Put up our new mailbox!!

  And then napped by the kitchen fire because we were tuckered out.

  I managed to make a scarf for a toddler, the buttons were inspired by my bosom friends toddler, who kept taking his hat off the other day at a parade. 

 and finally I managed to finish the lining for Toph’s Trappers Hat and have started the outside! 

We had a pretty good thanksgiving dinner and I personally don’t leave the house on Black Friday, I did send Toph to lowes for a wheelbarrow and coat hangers, he found a few deals that he liked and returned with a refrigerator & a microwave… 

I in turn took advantage of the online deals (well I think I did) Joann fabrics had, all yarn was up to  50% and bought mine skeins of 100% wool..however today I realized that I was never emailed a confirmation number and when I logged into my account it showed nothing…zip, zero, zilch, but my bank account has been charged so….fix your stuff Joann’s!!!!! 

Well I hope wherever you are tonight, you are staying warm, have a great night folks!!!

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