Dragging days

It feels like the days are just slooooowly going by ever since our offer was accepted on the house. We had the inspection last week and was surprised to find at the town office after looking at a tax map, that although the house is listed as 88 acres, it is actually 95 😄

The inspection went well, there are a few things that need to be fixed that we knew about (new shingles, brick steps need to be replaced, two new windows, and the solar panels need to be replaced) and then things that we didn’t know about (chimney needs to be flashed, radon levels need to be lowered, and part of the septic needs to be replaced), but hey we knew going into this that there were going to be things that needed work.  At least we finally have a house!!

I’m ready to start packing and moving but the problem is, there is no place to put boxes. Our garage is full of unpacked boxes from our last move, our closing date isn’t until October 30th, and we just have no room to place boxes.

I keep teasing myself with pictures of my craftroom that happens to join the greenhouse.

I just have to breath and focus on other goals to help the time go by faster.

Goals such as hats

This is a hat ordered from a friend’s co-worker. It is my first intarsia and it drove me mad, but it is finished and ready to go!

I am also working on Lorelai’s Halloween costume 

Not much to show right now, this particular piece is one of the skirt panels, it has actually tripled in size since I took this picture.

I’m still plugging away on Hobbes, and awaiting an order of 18 sizes of circular knitting needles 😁 so I can start working on some socks!!

Have a great day folks!!

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