Free time

School started last week and I have suddenly found myself with spare time to work on projects. Lorelai decided she wanted to test out the public school waters again, Leif decided that he was having more fun acting like he had eaten a bag of sugar, rather than working with me on well…anything really, so we thought he might also do better in a classroom. So now, the house is a bit quieter and while Toph told me he would walk all over the floors after I just washed them, and every once in awhile will scream “Get out of my room” from his office, I still find the silence to be a bit lonely.

However as I said, after all the cleaning is done for the day, I am able to sit down and work on projects. For example, I had started to crochet a Hobbes a few months back. apparently I had decided to do my own weird crochet stitch and forgotten what I did, so I started another Hobbes, a knitted Hobbes this time.

IMG_1801 IMG_1853 IMG_1972

I was really excited that I was able to figure out the feet! I have trouble with socks, but this has been knit with the turkish cast on and was very easy.

I also started the Virus Shall, I keep seeing it everywhere and my mind wouldn’t let me concentrate on anything until I gave it a try.


I’m actually two rows further than I was when this picture was taken, however I had to wipe my phone to prepare it to be sent off to Apple to go get a new battery and to get the sleep/off button replaced.

This past Saturday I was lucky enough to attend a dye day workshop with Carol Felice at the Remick Museum in Tamworth NH, if you live in or are visiting New England it is worth a trip to go check the museum out!


We went out into the gardens and picked Goldenrod, Amaranth, and Marguerite. We used those flowers along with the goldenrod leaves, hollyhock, and marigolds to dye skeins and rovings of Navajo Churro wool.

The results were lovely


l-r Goldenrod leaves, Amaranth, Marguerite, Hollyhock (gray and blue), Goldenrod flowers, and Marigold (orange ball of yarn).


It was a long fun day and worth the drive!

Now folks from my new office


I hope you all have a great day!!

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