Always on the go

Last week was full of final dance classes, rehearsals, and recitals, with a smidge of house hunting on top! Yes folks, with the exception of an invitation to dance tomorrow, it is time to hang up our dancing shoes for the summer (or until dance camp at least). 

My phone decided that for an entire day, it was not going to turn on. So I borrowed Toph’s old phone and thus, blurry pictures.

The kids enjoyed the recital, I believe Leif’s favorite part was the (very long) bow he took at the end. Now that dance is over, I’m hoping that means we get to sleep in on Saturday mornings.

  I started to spin up some wool I bought hot of the sheep last spring, I dyed it awhile back and I’m not sure I care much for the colors, but it is spinning up nicely. I am trying to get everything spun up so it is easier to move when the time comes.
This last week has been so busy, I’ve only been working on this Tunisian crochet pillow case, not because I needed a new project like I need a kick in the head, but because it’s easy and doesn’t require that I carry around my entire knitting bag, and I needed an easy project this week that didn’t require changing colors, changing stitches, or carrying around pattern. 

On the house front we have found an awesome place and that is all the details that I will give because I’m afraid of jinxing myself.
If it’s hot where you are then stay cool, if it’s snowing where you are (happened this weekend) then stay warm.
Have a great day folks!!

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