Exciting things happening around here!

Hello spring, I’ve missed you and I am glad you worked through your identity crises in order to bring us this beautiful weather.

For several days, I would wake up to see this outside my kitchen window



And than three hours later, I would look out my living room window and see this



Thankfully Mother Nature pulled herself together and we have been playing outside, sans coat for a week now!! 

I’ve been able to get some crochet done outside while the kids ride around in their power wheel jeep


Hobbes has come a long way, though we had a small accident with his underbelly Monday. Lorelai and I decided to be silly and skip out of dance class, well halfway to the car and 


The yarn decided to take a swim in a puddle, thankfully it has dried out since then, and is ready to restart the underbelly.

Today I am going to take a minute to thank a farmer, while we are still on the search for the perfect farm (news about this coming up), we have been getting all our meats from a farmer friend down the road. He and Toph have become great friends and we have learned a lot. Well, our on Sunday our awesome farmer friend sent my husband home with this beautiful wool. He traded the wool from his sheep to a neighbor who gave him this wool in exchange, he was just going to compost it but gave it to me instead.



No idea what sheep this wool is from, I want to say Romney but I can’t be sure. Anyway I will ask next time I see him. Thank you farmer friend, for feeding my fiber addiction!! You rock!!

So exciting news…..are you ready?!

Yesterday we met with a realtor! Next week we go look at farms! Yes, finally we are ready to purchase a house and purchase a cow (or two, & pigs, & alpacas, & sheep) I am very excited about this, we’ve spent months scouring the Internet, had conversations with a couple realtors about houses before, but now we are in full on house hunting mode. I’ve even packed away all winter items in boxes, ready to toss onto a moving truck. 

Have a great day Folks!!!

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