April showers bring May flowers

Unless you live here, and then you get several days of snow. Yes, even though it is warming up (50 yay!!), and the snow and ice are melting (yay again!!), we are still expecting five days worth of snow infact. I’m crossing my fingers that it will all change between now and Saturday when it is supposed to start, as I am seeing four days of 1-3 inches and then a day that says 3-5. 

We need sunshine, and grass, and Carrick needs to stretch out his bunny legs.

I started crocheting a hobbes for the newly obsessed Leif, last night I finally finished the first part of the body and realized, I had done a double crochet instead of the single crochet mentioned in the pattern, I don’t think Leif will mind too much, Hobbes will just be a little bigger.


I’ve also gotten more done on the cosplay costume for my friend, it still looks the same lol


This photo sadly does not show off the true color of the yarn, it is actually a gold color. I am almost ready for the next color, I am just waiting for my friend to decide which colors he finds the most fitting.

This past weekend I finished a project and with this project I am going to be sharing a link. I don’t usually share GoFundMe pages on here. Usually I share them on my personal page, but this one is for a dear friend who I attended school with and she was my captain on our cheering squad. 


 This hat is for her son who was born early at 33 weeks, due to complications of preeclampsia. I share this gofundme for baby Wyatt

Have a nice day folks!

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