Where’d my enthusiasm go?

I don’t know if it is cabin fever, lack of sleep, or perhaps I’m just plain burnt out, but I haven’t knit for more than fifteen minutes in the last two weeks.

I also hadn’t spun as my wheel was out of commission until today, it had started come apart while spinning and it was driving me crazy, the wheel is supposed to come apart for easier transportation, but this was ridiculous. Any who, it is back together once again and hopefully I can start making room on my fiber shelf.

The one thing that I have been working on all of twenty minutes anyway is a sweater for a friend of mine, he participates in cosplay and I offered to knit him a costume, or attempt to anyway because the costume I am making has no pattern. This should prove to be interesting!

The yarn is actually a brighter yellow, however my camera didn’t cooperate and then I decided to edit a bit to achieve the color and well zip.

I’m not going to show you the costume just yet, I want to see if any cosplayers out there can guess what it is!

Have a great day folks!! 41 degrees tomorrow, woo!

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