Sewing and snowing

Hi there, it is I, Raea. I am currently writing to you from Narnia, you know Narnia don’t you?! The land where it never stops snowing!!! Ok, perhaps I am being a bit dramatic, but in my almost 31 years, I have never seen this much snow, or felt the wind chill of -40 holy moly!!

Let’s talk of warmer things shall we?

This softy snugly bear is almost finished, he needs a bit more stuffing and to be sewed up the back and he will be good to go!! This really was a fun project..despite the confusing and lack of directions (just saying). It wasn’t all that bad, but now I want to see if I can make a pattern myself, just to see if I can.

I am happy to say that I finished my nephews late birthday & xmas presents, and I must say, he is now the coolest looking super hero in town



He was pretty happy and informed me that he wanted to be a mix of Spiderman & Batman for Halloween….hmmm new ideas.

Have a great day folks!! Stay warm! and please if you see Aslan, let him know New England is in desperate need of help!!!

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