Teddy bear, Teddy bear, turn around

Hello from the warmth of my blanket cave

It is has been very, very cold here as of late ( -20 anyone?!), even with the heat on a pellet stove running, we’ve had a hard time getting the house to warm up above 63 degrees.

I’ll admit that the snow globe effect during a snowstorm is pretty, but my love affair with winter is over. For the first time in my almost 31 years of life, I am sick of snow. Maybe it is due to the crazy driving conditions that I have had no choice but to drive in, maybe it’s due to almost being hit by a plow truck yesterday morning (no offense plow truck drivers, but please don’t back up really fast if you see a car behind you. Incase you can’t see said car, the blaring of a horn should be an indication.)

I’ve been trying to brighten up the house in little ways, spring cleaning with lovely essential oils (lemon and orange yum!), looking at bright pastel Easter projects that I am hoping to start soon, sunflower table cloth.

One project I’ve been working on has helped warm my hands a bit. I’m a making a teddy bear for the son of my Bosom friend. He just turned a year old and had my sewing machine cooperated, it may have been finished in little to no time what-so-ever.

Cutting out the pattern pieces and the fabric wasn’t so bad, I found some lovely fleece left over from a project and found a pattern on Instructables


After pinning the pieces together, I ran into a small problem, one that would extend the length of this project. My sewing machine, does not like fleece. So I opted for hand sewing, I can do a mean back stitch which I find to be almost as good as using a sewing machine.

Day one went really well, until I realized that I sewed the ears on the wrong side of the face

Hmmmm that’s not right

Much better.


The night before the birthday party (day two) I had made a lot of progress and was feeling pretty good….until I noticed part of the leg had been sewed on backwards.

On the third day, I succeeded in finishing the lower half and stuffing the body, I have the head almost complete and will post pictures when it all sewed up and ready to go (better late than never)

Have a nice evening folks!!

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