I now have an 8 year old, WOW, where did time go?!

Lorelai has many interests, but she is really enjoying her time in her ballet class, while she is enjoying her time, she is also put holes in her tights.

So an idea came to me the other week, why continue to throw money away on tights, when I can make her some leg warmers. I searched for ballet leg warmers and didn’t really find a pattern that caught my eye. Then I started searching for ballet knitting charts, leg warmers seem easy enough, if it is the basic knit stitch.

I came across this chart on Pinterest


I have no idea who created this chart, but you are awesome.

It started off slowly, as I got a touch of the flu while working on the first leg warmer, I knew I was truly sick when the sight of yarn made my nauseous :-/

But after I started to feel better, the leg warmer really took off!


The first leg warmer was completed Friday night, I posted it to the Fiber Artists and Yarn Spinners Facebook page, and as it currently has 235 likes, I figured I had to share the patterns with you all here.

I used five 5.0 mm double pointed needles.

Cast on 40 stitches on four needles (10 per needle)
Knit one, purl one for ten rows
That is when I started the chart, however I cropped the chart a little


When working with the two different pinks, I used the Fair Isle technique, doing the woven stitch on every other stitch.

I switched up the chart when it got to the neck, it seemed to thin, so instead of one light pink stitch for the neck I did three, which of course changed the rest of the chart, adding extra dark pink on each side of the head.

I am hoping to have the second leg warmer finished by Tuesday.

Have a great day folks!!

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