And a Happy New Year

Happy New Year Folks!! I hope you all had fantastic holiday season! We had a great Christmas, a wonderful new year, followed by a 30th birthday celebration!!

That’s right folks, Toph is now 30!!! For the next six months, I will no longer be teased about how I am an older woman! We had a small party at home with family, presents, and homemade gf raspberry cheesecake!!

I was able to finish some items in time for Christmas, I have a few I still need to put the finishing touches on, and I am now starting presents for Lorelai’s 8th birthday!! Last year she received Isabelle, the doll of the year from American Girl. She has mentioned often that she is in need of food for her doll. So I have been searching around and found several pages of patterns on ravelry!! Very excited to start working on them.

Here are a few items I made before, during, and after the holiday season!

This year for Christmas Toph told me not to get him anything, he instead bought a fat bike to ride around on during the winter days. In the summer and fall he would bike up to 100 miles a week. This bike insured that he could continue his biking activity all year round.
I had already planned on making him a warm hat, and he now has one to wear while out biking!

At first the hat turned out to be a tad small, but I added a crocheted border around it, and it fits rather nicely!

Fun fact: the hat on my head was the very first hat I ever made, Toph told me “if you knit a hat without a loom, you can have a porch, we have now lived in two houses with porches!

My mother in law really liked Toph’s hat and asked that I make her one as well.


I used this really lovely purple cotton yarn that she had, fun to work with!

I still have a few items that aren’t ready to be posted here, not until they are received by the people they are for, however as my nephew does not know how I use the Internet, I can give a small peek at one of his gifts.


With all the needlework I have been doing, my hands have started to hurt, so I decided I needed to try other things to exercise them…
Yesterday, tried my hand at carving wood


In no time I had a lovely crochet hook almost ready to use, just needs a bit of sandpaper.

I also spun up 109 yards of lovely seasilk!


How were your holidays?

Have a nice night folks!!

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