Over the river and through the woods!

I love November! The leaves, the good yummy food at Thanksgiving, sitting by a warm fire! Also, my second child, my wee little baby, will be five years old this week. What a way to start off the month!!

While I did finish the Elsa hat in time for Halloween

I did not finish the Mickey Mouse hat, however that turned out to be just fine, my friends little boy arrived as a pumpkin instead phew.

Last week my beautiful mulberry silk from Silk and Shine arrived! This is my second purchase from this etsy shop and I love this silk just as much, if not more than the last!!


Last night I arrived home to this beautiful seasilk (seaweed & silk) from Dyeing For Colour waiting for me in my mailbox!

So many ideas have popped into my head for the use of these lovely silks! I can’t wait to start spinning!!

As stated earlier, Leif turns five this week, I am currently finishing up his birthday present. ” I want you to make me a doll Momma”, he told me awhile back, so a homemade doll he shall get! I am just working on the last leg of the doll so I can sew it all together. I need to make some shorts and a shirt and add on the rest of the hair and it should be good to go and ready for him to open on his birthday party!

Have a great day folks!!!

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