Someday, but not today

We all have dreams in life, my dream is to wake up at five am, sip tea on my porch, and knock out a couple projects while watching the sunrise over the mountains. I want to make my family a nice breakfast for when they wake up and have a pleasant school day in a nice clean house.

I’m sure I’ll have that dream one day….you know when my kids start sleeping through the night, stop fighting, and start picking up after themselves. When I learn the secret tips of the other crafters out there who finish four sweaters a week, because we all know that I can never get anything finished in a day. And when I can convince my kids that homemade oatmeal is better for them, than cereal.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty happy with my life, my ambitions are just higher then my energy level and the amount of free time I have in a day.

I shouldn’t complain, I do get to do fun stuff and see some interesting things during the day.

We often play “where are the cows?” *hint* all three are there, so is the mule, and the mountains.

We make homemade bird feeders out of grapefruit

We make scarecrows named “Grandma”

And then sometimes, after many months and several thousand mistakes, I get things finished.



Have a great weekend folks!!

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