Oh dear

Sometimes we all have bad day, sometimes when you are having a particularly bad day, you should set all craft items aside…or you will end up having to make an whole new top for the dress you have been working on.

Yes my friends, in the middle of the last arm binding, things accidentally got ripped. I was already having a no so hot day and then bam, rip. In trying to fix this rip I only made things worse until I eventually gave up and tossed the unusable dress top into the trash.

I cried, a lot. I blubbered like a big old baby. Then I took a deep breath. You know why folks? I’ll tell you why. I always buy an extra yard if fabric just in case.
So tonight ( this happened yesterday and I’m in a far better mood today), I’m going to recut the top pieces, and I am going to get a good chunk of my dress top sewn up. You know why? Because I don’t give up ( okay, sometimes I do, but not this time).

I will be wearing this dress Friday night (buying another dress just in case).

You know what I did finish today?

This lovely owl mitten, I have more more to go!

We had our first ever family pictures done this past weekend and received the pictures in the mail today. I thought I’d toss a few up here.

Have a nice night folks!







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