Mommy had a meltdown.

Well folks, I have been getting a lot of spam comments, and when I say a lot, I mean 5-10 a day and it is starting to just get on my nerves a bit. So I read up on it and saw I could add a captcha plugin. Cool, great, lets do it. Well I didn’t realize that when I installed wordpress onto my computer it was .org and not .com. I saw the “Create a welcome entry post” and my heart started to race…

Did I screw up my blog?! Where did it go?!, it was then I realized my mistake. Not even sure that I want to yet again move my blog from one place to another. I guess I’ll have to figure out another way to keep the spammers at bay. I wonder if I just go back and delete the one blog they keep commenting on, if they will stop, alas that is probably just wishful thinking.

I worked on my dress a lot yesterday, I had never done a neck or arm binding before, so I am pleased with the current turn out.

I did have a bit of a panic attack yesterday, or as Toph would call it, a hysterical meltdown. You see, I have lost a lot of weight since I got my dress form and I guess it slipped my mind that my dress form is a bit bigger then I am. So when I slipped that dress on the form yesterday and couldn’t get the back close enough to where there would be enough room for a zipper, well yes, I had a meltdown.There were tears, hysterical sobs, lots of “WHHHHHHHHHHHHY”, and quickly searching on Amazon for dresses to ensure I would have something to wear next weekend.

I found nothing to suit my style, it was resolved (after Toph shoved a bunch of chocolate in my directions) that I would need to go try on a dress somewhere. I vowed however, that I would finish the dress regardless of whether it fit or not. After half an hour, I slipped the sleeves over my arms and sure enough the dress fit.

Will I finish the dress? I sure the heck will. Will I have it finished by next Thursday…that depends on the weather but I am hoping so.

Well Folks, I will leave you with my latest knitting project. My Pal Shanna (Who just moved back to the land of snow) asked me to make her a pair of mittens. This is the first.

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