Well that’ll slow ya down.

I tried to experiment with hand painting rovings this week, I have dyed wool before (as you all know…that is if you have been reading me for long enough or heard it mentioned), but I had never hand painted any. The results were not as I was expecting. You see I forgot to add the vinegar until the very last minute.


I had every intention of re-dyeing it, but I had run out of food coloring. It was old and my kids get off the wall insane for weeks at a time when they have artificial coloring (and flavoring), so I hadn’t bought any in forever.

The town I live in is small but large….it’s small enough that there is one store…yes, just one. So if we needed anything like food coloring, we would have to drive to the next town over. Which as luck would have it, happened this very morning when I got to go visit the emergency room.

I have a very high pain tolerance, so when we were swimming at the river two days ago and I slipped and had a rock the size of my head fall on my foot, I just kind of figured it would hurt for a day and then it would get better (this is not the same foot that already hurts).

Oh sure it bled a little, and I let out of a stream of fowl language that made me glad that there was a waterfall near by or else there would have been an angry but hopefully understanding parents, having words with me.

They always say when you break your foot, you will know it. Like I said though, I have a high pain tolerance so I really couldn’t tell. However my foot was swollen, it snapped when I walked, I couldn’t (and still can’t) move my big toe, and the rest of my toes are all tingly and numb, my foot was on fire. Arnica was the reason I got sleep that night.

Yesterday, I still hobbled around, still in pain trying to tuff it out. So many times I have gone to the hospital for things only to be told that it was minor. It’s when I don’t go to the hospital that things like acute pancreatitis happens…(thank goodness I was already in the hospital for gallbladder surgery, because I felt nothing).

So finally after finding a walk in clinic that my phone showed was 30 minutes away, I told Toph that I’d toss dinner in the oven and I was heading over. He insisted on driving me, and it is a good thing. My phone thinks I live in Vermont…according to the GPS, said walk in clinic was actually two hours away. After hunting around and misinformation again, we ended up heading towards the hospitals walk in clinic (that turned into the ER) this morning.

I was in and out within an hour, and what do you think I was told? My foot isn’t broken, just bruised phew, when the swelling goes down I shall regain use and feeling in my toes. Until that point, lots of elevation.

Have a nice night folks!!

2 Comments on “Well that’ll slow ya down.

  1. OK. I am glad the foot is just bruised, and you have PERMISSION TO SIT!(how cool!) but what about the roving? Did you get more food coloring? Not to sound unsympathetic, but don’t crafts come first? 🙂

  2. Hahaha yes, Toph and the kids ran to the store while I was in the ER and bought more for me. It is supposed to rain later today, so I will repaint the roving when it starts.

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