I haven’t jumped ship

I’m not sure what it is about turning 30, but I just feel like cleaning all the time, and it’s really starting to take away from my knitting and sewing time. Not that I didn’t clean before, but I always cleaned and then knit when the kids were busy with their own things.

However unlike the last house, this house is in good shape, and isn’t falling apart. I feel proud of it. Now I finish the normal chores and spend my free time trying to find something else to clean. At this rate, I will never finish anything 😛

No, that’s not entirely true. When the kids go to bed at night I get to work on a few projects, such as this hat I started working on for my niece

Unfortunately, for some reason every now and then my brain thinks the rules of knitting don’t apply, in this case I stupidly stopped in the middle of a row (the row starts at the red stitch marker), I happened to leave off at the purple stitch marker and confused myself. I took the row out and attempted to fix it and ended up two stitches short.
After trying twice to find where I made the error, I gave up, added to stitches and gave the top of the hat a bit of character.

The rules of knitting stopped applying yesterday as we drove to a graduation party for Toph’s cousin, I made her a hat before we moved (a few posts back), and decided to make a scarf as well. However halfway through I realized that I had started knitting the pattern on the wrong side, so that will be a present for when she starts college in the fall.

We have had a lot of rain here as of late, which is exactly what I needed to start cleaning that fleece I bought a few months back.

While it wasn’t a 100% ideal place to be catching water! it certainly did the trick


I placed my bin over at the edge of the woods and made who knows how many trips with a large cooking pot, transferring the water from one bin to the other, until the first bin was light enough to drag over to the second.


I couldn’t seem to get the wool 100% under the water, so I laid plastic on top and covered the plastic with the rest of the water in hopes that it will do the trick.
And now, we wait.

If I had more fleece to clean, I could just start all over as we are expecting rain this week, thunderstorms every day, except for Tuesday. Now that doesn’t really bother me all that much. My only issues is, our phones have no service here. We do have a tower in the house that helps a little, but when it is cloudy, zip.

The kids and critters don’t seem to mind though


They could stay out in the rain all day if we let them, not during the thunderstorms mind you, but they enjoyed a torrential downpour last week.

Here are a few more pictures to enjoy




Have a nice night folks!!

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