In the thick of it.

We are here and unpacked and happy, yet not without injury.

We made a late start with our move, and left three hours later then we wanted, and the gps turned our four hour trip into about five and a half. We spent some time looking around the new place, envisioning what each room would look like. Then started to unload the uhaul.

It took about two days to unload, four or five days to unpack and now it looks as if we have always lived here. My favorite room if you can believe it, is the laundry room. How nice it is to have a washing machine that works and doesn’t flood the floors when in use. Plus the washer and dryer play music when started and stopped.

My craft room has been demoted to the garage, there is not enough space for it in the house, though a good chunk of yarn has made it in, and even found a fantastic home per the suggestion from Toph.

There are cows, a goat, and a mule name Stoofy in our backyard, farms everywhere, I see more tractors drive past the house then cars. The kids are enjoying the peaceful country life.

I feel more at home here then at any of the 7 houses I’ve lived in, in the past 14 years. I’m actually a bit sad that this is only a rental and temporary while we look for a house to buy. However I will enjoy it while it lasts.

We’ve met a few new people, and even stopped at a farm the other day. We were driving passed so Toph could show me the highland cattle, i saw the sheep and yelled to turn around. We spent almost an hour talking to the farmer about how he raises his animals (he goes by the Joel Salatin method), and decided we would purchase half a cow, pig, and 20 chickens to toss in the freezer come fall, I offered to buy all of his wool.

Sadly, I have spent the last several weeks hobbling about and the unpacking put me out of commission for a day. You see, my kids dug a hole in the backyard at the last house, of course not one that you would notice unless you wee standing there looking at it. I managed to step in that hole and it did something to my back.
I thought, I had sprained my foot, I caved and went to a podiatrist who informed me there was nothing wrong with my foot, it instead with my back….well actually what he said was “well it could be the ligaments in the top of your foot and if that is the case if they get worse the top of your foot will cave, but my gut instinct tells me it is your back” hmmmm.

I took it upon myself to buy a brace for my foot anyway, and will hopefully find a good chiropractor in the area to fix my back.

Have a nice day folks!!

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