I’m going to need some coffee

So I am happy to announce, that this morning we signed a one year lease for a beautiful home in NH

Now it is just a temporary location while we search for a home to buy, and we won’t be able to buy anymore farm animals but that is ok, because folks this house is located in a farming town, and while we will stick with our three current critters, we can still look out the windows and see cows, goats, chickens, and more. The best part of this house, it has a porch! I love porches, my favorite song growing up was “if the world had a front porch”.

My only issue right now is I am burnt out on packing, and we are moving in two weeks. I guess it’s time to pack up all my knitting (well, I’ll keep one more two things out), because that and coffee are the only way I am going to get the rest of the house packed in time to move. One day at a time right?!

Have a nice day folks!!

3 Comments on “I’m going to need some coffee

  1. sounds like you found a great place. A month from now, you will be all settled and just sitting on your porch drinking coffee and knitting. Keep that vision in your mind as you work your butt off this month!

      • You can do it! (I won;t mention that we have lived here 6 years now and still have not unpacked the books. Because we have not built the bookcases. because we have so many other, easier projects to tackle. But I think this is the year it happens. 🙂

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