A week before Mother’s Day, I got a scratch ticket from Joann fabrics, I was excited to see that my prize was 60% off! I knew exactly what I wanted to get, a ball winder. The day before I got this fantastic tool, one of the ladies in my spinning guild taught me how to use my ball winder to ply, today I finally got to test it out.

I wound it up right off the spool, seemed to be the easiest way.

I had about 3-4 inches loose in the beginning to start to ply with.

See all nice and no issues what so ever.

It makes plying a breeze


Unfortunately it was too thing for the project I wanted to use it for so I thought, hey, I’ll ply it again. I looked it up and the directions seemed easy enough, just ply in the opposite direction of the way I just plyed. Well I was exhausted, two minutes after i started the phone rang and then three minutes later while still on the phone and plying there was a knock at the door, and my brain couldn’t seem to remember which way the wheel needed to spin and well now I have a mess that WILL get fixed. I made myself signs for future reference


Have a nice night folks!

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