Go home Mother Nature, you’re drunk.

Yesterday, though the sky threatened rain, it was about 88 degrees. To clouds hid the sun for a good chunk of the day, but it was a really nice day regardless. Today though is quite the opposite, it’s cold and rainy, we actually have a fire going right now in the stove. A friend of mine just north of us had a dusting of snow. It was definitely a sweater and warm socks kind of day.

Speaking of sweaters

My brain won, I went back and took out several sections of cable rows, but it’s been fixed and now I won’t have to look at this partial sweater with disgust at myself.

Sunday is my last knitting class before we move, I’m really sad. This is a great group of woman/girls and its been so much fun to hang out with them and watch them learn and see the projects that they have made. I am making each of the girls a honeycomb for their beekeepers quilt (should they choose to make one)

I finished the first one last night, and almost halfway finished with the second.

Have a nice night folks!!

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