There comes a time when you are working on a knitting project that contains several charts, where you are most likely going to mess up. It’s easy enough when the rows go like this: Chart 1 row 2, Chart 2 Row 2, Chart 3 row 2. However when you get to the point where it looks like this: Chart 1 row 24, Chart 2 row 8, Chart 3 row 24, well then prepare yourself for the fact that you will most likely mess up one of these rows. Also if you have a check list going and forget to check off a box, this will help to screw you up.

I’ve spent almost three lazy years working on Toph’s aran, I just finished cable row…and didn’t cable on chart 2. Now that would be all fine and dandy if I didn’t have two sections of cables in between the end and that row…alas I do.

I am now fighting with my brain about whether or not I will fix these stitches. My brain is winning, because even though it is a small error and I doubt anyone would notice…my brain would still know it is there and I would forever hate working on the sweater…that’s why I can’t finish my bartók, there is a tiny mistake that I noticed after I finished the body, that and I just don’t want to look at it anymore.

On well, I might as well quit procrastinating and fix this row…what’s 81 stitches anyhow?

Have a nice day folks!

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