Time for a story

Once upon a time, there was a woman who had a washing machine that worked. One day, she and her husband decided to move their family to a house out in the country….(or as country as you can get in the state they lived in). As the house they were moving into already contained a “brand new” washer and dryer, the husband thought that maybe they should sell the pair they already had.

Over the years it turned out to be a bad idea, the “new” washer was temperamental. One day the pipes in the house burst and the landlord decided to cut and add new pipes. When doing this he cut the water pipes to the washing machine, after a week he came back and fixed the problem, however he messed up the hot water pipe.

Unbeknownst to the woman who was trying to make a pair of moonkoosas, she tied the knitted boot/slippers into a pillow case and tossed them in the washing machine. After 45 minutes, it was clear that the (slightly used) machine wasn’t going to do its job.

The next morning when she awoke the woman decided that she would attempt something that she had never done before, hand felting. Her family was gearing up for a six mile bike ride/walk (well the boys rode bikes for six miles, and then got in the truck and drove back to pick up the girls after four and a half miles), it seemed the perfect time to rub the wool vigorously after soaking it in hot soapy water and then rinsing the soap.

Well after the first three miles of trying to hand felt the wool, nothing was happening, the woman was starting to get frustrated and found tiny holes in her boots, she argued with herself that she would throw the boots in the first trash can she saw…then her brain reminded her that she paid $11 for the wool yarn, and she had spent three weeks working on these boots.

When they returned home, the husband got tired of listening to his wife complain about the (piece of crap) washing machine, and after 15 minutes, he had fixed the problem. Ten minutes later this happened

And now I want to make more šŸ˜›

Also, the Easter baskets with jelly beans turned out to be a hit



Have a nice day folks!!!

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