Boots & baskets

Hippity, hoppity, Easters on its way.

The last year or so we have been celebrating holidays differently, for Halloween, instead of trick or treating, we had a small party with homemade treats, music, and fun. Lorelai pays attention to the ingredients in foods almost as much as I do, and suggested at the young age of six that instead of walking around collecting candy that will make her feel gross and change her behavior, we do a small gathering. It worked, the only thing that upset the children on Halloween night, was that we did not have a trick or treater, which is pretty common as we live on a small back road and our house is set back from the road.
We made handmade valentines for Valentines day, but that was about it, we love each other all year long 🙂

This year for Easter instead of decorating eggs that no one will eat, we will do a small handful of jelly beans from whole foods (small handful due to the price per pound $10 yikes!!), and homemade baskets which in turn can be made into pet beds for their toy animals.

The first basket was finished last night, I used this from Natural Suburbia. I had planned on waking up in the early morning hours to start the second, however sleep was something that did not occur for very long last night.

Don’t you feel bad not buying toys and chocolate for your kids for Easter?!
Nope, I don’t feel bad at all. I feel like the baskets I made came from the heart and it’s usually the handmade presents that my kids enjoy more then toys from the store. As a matter a fact, Leif requested a homemade knitted farmer boy doll for his birthday, which just warms my heart.

I have almost completed my second Moonkoosa, I had to start a second, second boot as the first second boot looked really bad lol, Leif has been wearing it as a “chainmail helmet”. The second, second boot has a boo boo on it as well, but I want to wear these boots before next weekend, so I will continue on with them and fix the hole.


The second is no where as pretty as the first, but I am hoping that the felting will take care of that.

Have a nice day folks!

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