We returned from a long weekend up north, where we will soon be moving. While we didn’t find a house to buy just yet, we have found a few houses that we are interested in renting while we hunt for the perfect homestead. One even has 22 acres of land!

The kids got to make use of some benches that Toph and my father in law made for them, my mother in law painted them



Toph’s father had made both Toph and his brother stools when they were younger, which his grandmother painted

While Toph may have outgrown his stool, it still serves it’s purpose.

The day before we left we spent some family time walking and admiring the beauty of nature



Today we are enjoying a rainy day, unpacking here and there, only to repack a few items for my birthday trip next week.

That’s right folks I am headed for the Deep South to visit family. It’s been about two years since I last visited and I am excited to make the trip again.

Have a great day folks!

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