Cream of buckwheat

Today my friends, I share with you something delicious! I REALLY love cream of wheat, so when I found out about my little gluten problem I was bummed, I’m not bummed so much now as it appears that my carpal tunnel has taken a hike but still…bread, cream of wheat, anything to do with wheat sigh I miss it all.

Last week I ran across a box of Cream of Buckwheat, I was tempted to buy the box, and after checking the ingredients, I put it back on the shelf. “Why oh why if you love cream of wheat would you put it back?!” Well folks, the one and only ingredient in the cream of buckwheat was…buckwheat. Folks, I have buckwheat at home

You know what else I have?! A food mill, so I am able to make my own buckwheat flour. So after a week of eating this delicious discovery for breakfast, I decided to share this concoction with you.

First I take half a cup of milk and put it in a pan and cook it on low, you will need no more then half a cup unless you are planning on making a huge batch.

Next add a splash of vanilla, have I ever mentioned that I don’t like to do measuring spoons?! Sometimes I will, but for the most part…I hate doing dishes and will avoid making them.

A dash of sea salt, any salt is fine, and actually that salt shaker isn’t even holding it’s original contents. Reduce, reuse, recycle.

I then add 1/4 cup buckwheat flour. It will seem runny at first, just turn up the heat a little and it will thicken right up

Stir it up for a good three to four minutes.

At this moment it will taste yummy, however I like to add a little heavy cream

And because I already eat 1/2 cup of yogurt everyday

I add that in, along with some frozen berries. These are dew berries that I had never heard of until last year. They grow in our backyard and are delicious!!

So there have it:
1/2 cup of milk
Splash of vanilla
Dash of salt
1/4 cup buckwheat flour
I’d say two tablespoons cream
1/2 yogurt

I have finished knitting my first Moonkoosa and have started the second. I haven’t add the fringe yet, I am waiting until they are both finished.


They are pretty warm on their own, can’t wait to felt them and to see the finished project!!

Have a nice night folks!!

3 Comments on “Cream of buckwheat

  1. Buckwheat flour also makes absolutely yummy pancakes. 🙂 My mother has gluten issues, so I’ve been along for the ride for a lot of her testing and learning.

      • It really is! I’ve got a dairy allergy (and artificial coloring, WEIRD), so I do a lot of my own testing and my husband and son have been very good about the whole thing. 🙂

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