Everything changes

Well my friends two things have come to an end the last two days, and there are two more things that will be ending this week.

First, I finished my Jane Austen dress with some slight modifications

Appearances can be deceiving, I swear both sleeves are the same

Instead of adding cording and buttons to the back, I sewed up the back. I lost so much weight while making the dress, that it can slide over my head with ease.


Today was also my last day as the weaver at the museum

I will miss going there very much, and miss my co-workers very much!!

We are still on the hunt for a house and have exactly 90 days so we need to haul our behinds to some houses and see what fits us.

In other exciting news, we are planning our final homeschool trip. A trip to meet Joel Salatin, who owns Polyface Farms. We just love his books and Toph is in awe of him. It will be a very exciting trip!

Have a great night folks!

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