Oh the tangled webs we weave…errr spin

Something dreadful happened yesterday (as it normally does when it comes to plying), I reached the end of my first ounce of mulberry silk sort of, I got a bit too anxious and ended early.

20140324-203607.jpg the silk was so beautiful and I have plans for it.

So I wrapped it onto to my handy andy as usual

20140324-203801.jpg see! Absolutely stunning.

However, this is where it started to go wrong

Now, I have had issues with ply in the past, but that is due to plying it too tight, however this was a new one.

I am on day two of trying to untangle this mess, I will make something from the silk, I refuse to give up (though the second ounce will most likely be spun up on the drop spindle).

Have a nice night folks!

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