The story of a sweater

Almost 15 years ago my paternal grandmother passed away and I was gifted with her yarn, which I had used only once since inheriting it. I didn’t knit back then and it would be several years until I would start knitting. When I finally did start to knit, I was so afraid that I would mess up and parts of the yarn would have to be cut & tossed away, that I just stored it away and bought yarn instead.

Last year I made a pair of crochet sandals as a request for someone and well that was an interesting time, so again the yarn remained untouched, that is until a little boy named Leif* came up to me and asked for a purple sweater “with twilight sparkles cutie mark on it”, then the next day he decided that he wanted a gray sweater instead. We looked for sweater patterns, and he quickly picked this lovely pattern from Petite Purls

“Make it gray with a pink tie”, he said confidently.

So last night I laid down my bartók tunic (again?! yes brain, again), and picked up the skeins of gray that I found in my grandmothers stash, and started to knit

This is the first time I had ever done hem work in knitting, so the pattern looked like it shrank after hemming the sides together


Leif laid down next to me this afternoon while I continued on the long process of knitting the body

And then he promptly passes out…and it is where he is still snoring away.

Have a nice day folks!!!

(* my name & the names of my family have been slightly changed, as to keep some anonymity

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