Well that escalated quickly

Well folks, the realtor (not the landlord) has given us a move out date of June 1st. It’s time to get cracking on donating items, and tossing out things that have laid around for the past three years. We’ve also gone full steam ahead with house hunting, there are so many house I’ve fallen in love with, I can’t wait to go look at them all.

While house hunting I’ve managed to get part of my bartók finished

Yes I know it’s a selfie, which I try to avoid, but Lorelai and Leif both shake when they take pictures so this was what it all came down to.
I threaded on a sleeve and almost instantly decided that I was not happy with any part of it

The shoulder looked like it had those pads from the 80’s, you know the ones that give woman square, yet pointy shoulders. I took the sweater to my guild meeting and got some great advice from a few members on how to fix not only the weird bell bottom sleeve, but also a better way to attach the sleeves.

Leif asked me for a sweater recently that I plan on starting after I finish the bartók…mainly because I do not have another pair of size 7 needles. (I still need to get back to the min Ulla scarf as well.)

He chose this sweater from Petite Purls
He decided on a gray sweater with a pink tie.

I’m not gonna lie folks, I miss my craft room. I had all these sewing plans this year, but per landlords orders, I need to keep the house emasculate. I don’t know if any of you are like me, but I can have a clean sunroom and the moment I walk in there BOOM, it’s like the Easter bunny threw up everywhere. Wish me luck we find a new house soon, maybe then I can reach my goal!

Have a nice night folks!

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