And the day started off so well

I am happy to announce that at least one sleeve is almost finished

Big difference from the other day. I am glad I decided to pick this project back up, I’m glad I also restarted the sleeve, I think it looks much better.

I’m not going to jinx myself by saying “I hope to have it finished by such and such a date”, instead my new motto is “it’s done when it’s done ok?” No pressure, just fun.

With all the excitement about having an almost finished sleeve, I nearly forgot that the spring session of after school knitting starts tomorrow, which would be all fine and dandy had the knitting needles I ordered two weeks ago had arrived. I ordered from said website last fall and the needles arrived quickly, however tonight when I checked on the order they were still processing. I sent them a quick email to ask about the order status and when they saw them being shipped out, gently letting them know that while I can allow the students to use my personal knitting needles in class tomorrow, they really do need the needles that the parents paid for.

Toph suggested I cancel my order and head on over to JoAnn’s and purchase some, now that may sound like a fine idea, however that is a $8 difference. If kids decide they are no longer interested in knitting after the class is finished, I’d rather they waste $4 on a pair of needles instead of $12.

Luckily I have at least three girls returning to knitting from last fall, so I sent an email to the parents explaining this situation, asking the older girls to bring their needles, and I would lend the new students mine.

Cross your fingers that the knitting needles arrive tomorrow folks and it’s just a status mistake.

Have a nice night folks!

3 Comments on “And the day started off so well

    • Sadly they did not arrive, but they are waving a 2-3 day shipping fee to get them here by Saturday.

      I feel like it is important to pass down skills. We are very quickly becoming the characters in the movie Wall-E and it scares me. I want kids to care more about what they can create, then posting selfies on Facebook.

      • absolutely! My littlest niece has learned to knit at age 7, after watching her mother and me knit for years. If we can get her hooked now, before it becomes “uncool” for 15 years, then she will always have that skill. The older kids are sort of interested, but don’t take the time to master it. They are old enough now to be appreciative of what they get from us, but they (so far) won’t be carrying on any skills. Here’s hoping it changes before we are too old to notice. 🙂

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