House hunting break

I’ll tell ya folks, house hunting is only fun when you don’t actually have to move somewhere, but when it actually comes time to buckle down and be seriously, well I think I’d rather take a trip to the dentist…especially my dentist who plays movies while you get your teeth cleaned. Anyway, I’ve gotten myself a bit stressed over house hunting. You don’t want anything to old (well I like older houses, but Toph doesn’t), and a lot of farm houses that come up in searches have titles like ” imagine what you can do one 1 acre of land!!!!”, well I can tell you what I can’t do one 1 acre and that’s have cows, goats, sheep, pigs, & chickens.

When I do find houses that are newer and have the right amount of land for the right price, it’s practically in Canada. Don’t get me wrong Canada, I’d love you guys, I’d love to live near you, but I don’t know if I can handle the amount of snow you guys get up there. I’m just a wimp like that, no hard feelings ok?!

We’re still looking in New Hampshire and Vermont, but I’ve passed the job on to Toph, who likes to tease me and read descriptions of houses out loud and show me pictures, then after say things like “buuuuut it’s five trillion dollars”. Heck at this point, I’m ready to settle down and live in a yurt.

To try and take my mind off of house hunting (somewhat), I’ve started back up on the bartók tunik…actually, I took the sleeve out and started it over again.

That was about two days worth of knitting, I’ve already started at the arm design. For those of you who haven’t seen the sweater, or need a refresher

This is the lovely bartók tunik, you can find the pattern right here.

I also wanted to share a delicious recipe I found for buckwheat porridge, I just purchased two lbs of buckwheat (believe it or not, buckwheat is not a grain). I got two have a few bites this morning before Leif stole my bowl

I didn’t use maple syrup, instead I replaced it with some raw honey

Have a nice night folks!

P.S this my 100th post!!!

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