Busy as a bee

We have been busy around here folks, I’ve been cleaning (with one hand), making sure everything was spotless, it seems every time I finish with one room there is a little boy following along making a mess.

We also had a massacre occur sigh, we lost all but two birds, blood & feathers everywhere. Very disheartening, I’m still flabbergasted that something could pull apart metal bars and grab my birds, but alas it happened. We worked on the barn this morning, so hopefully there are no more issues.

I’ve also been spending the evenings house hunting, the landlord out our house on the market on Monday, and a prospective buying is coming by tomorrow so the race is on. We’re looking in New England, very exciting to hunt for our own little homestead.

I am also excited that the spring session of knitting starts at the school next week! It will be five weeks long and I have two 8 year old girls who I have been teaching to knit for the last several weekends, who will be my assistants.

I wish I had more to say, pictures to share, or crafts to talk about. Alas, my hand is still healing and I’ve been rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Have a nice night folks!

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