The silver lining

Today was the day, I had planned to finish my regency dress so I could move on to the next dress. All I had left to do was to cut out the lining for the front and back skirt, and stitch everything together.

Well….it’s half finished har har har, I ran out of lining so I was only able to finish cutting out the lining for the skirt front, I decided to pin the top and skirt together to make myself feel better. Oh well, I will have to make a trip to Joann fabrics in-between snowstorms.

Lorelai and I decided to make gluten free chocolate chip cookies, I have had pretty good luck with the oatmeal flour…until today

Batch #1 not enough flour and I’m sure I could have used half the butter

The outcome was interesting.

Batch #2 they looked alright

Then fell apart as I moved them. They were still tasty however and were enjoyed by all.

I shall not give up!!

Have a nice night folks!

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