I spent the weekend with a full house hold, we had postponed Lorelai’s birthday treat to this past Saturday and we all had a fun time.

We picked up her best friend Lily, Friday evening for a sleepover, which made Leif’s night, as it meant his Ya-Ya & Grootvader would be sleeping on his bedroom floor, instead of his sister floor which is the norm.

Saturday (despite a GPS hiccup taking us an hour and a half from where we wanted to be), my mother in law, Lorelai, Lily, & myself met up with Lily’s mom Lori at the American girl doll place from brunch. The food was fantastic, the atmosphere was beautiful, & we all had a good time.

This afternoon we went through the videos on the deer cam and found that there is a deer that sleeps right next to Leif’s bedroom, there are also several deer that hang out in our riding ring, along with two raccoons, one whom is missing a tale.

However, we somehow missed this

I had every intention of posting the video, sadly wordpress decided that wasn’t going to happen I thought we were friends wordpress.

The coyote limped as though he’d been hit by a car, he certainly looked sick.

Anyway folks, I hope you all had a good weekend.

I’ll leave you now with the Min Ulla scarf, which I have worked on through two audiobooks….

Perhaps if I listened to War & Peace, I’d have it finished before the end of the book.

Have a nice night folks!

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