It’s curtains for you!

Or for me maybe. 

We have a street light that shines into our room at night, very annoying, it makes it hard to sleep at two am. So I made a curtain (will make the other some time)


I was a little lazy about it….I didn’t really feel like sewing, and honestly hemming anything is a nightmare for me. So I searched high and low in my craft room for some iron-on-tape, then the iron, and then spent 15 minutes thinking about how I was going to do this (first time curtain maker).


Using an adhesive tape is awesome, I’m very impressed…who knows, maybe I’ll buy stock in it.


All done! Toph has requested that I turn the one, into two…I guess I can do that….I’ll just have to go back to the store and buy more tape….which means I’ll look at patterns…and then fabric…It’s a downward spiral and I have yet to seek treatment.

I also cleaned my craft room today (after two cups of coffee), while doing so I came across the long lost Bartók Tunik


I figured if I put the sweater on my dress form I would have no choice but to finish it soon. Reason being is that I need my dress form, so I either need to finish the sleeves, or sew the shoulders up. It’s still all up in the air.

Lorelai is turning SEVEN tomorrow, WOW!!!!!!! Where have the years gone?! It seems like only yesterday that I was in labor with her, then she arrived after 24.5 hours of labor, followed by a emergency c-section.


She’s really into my little pony right now, so that was the theme of the cake. Gluten free chocolate cake and all natural vegetable food coloring (the red is made of beet juice YUM).


Have a great weekend folks!



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