Crunchy Moms

This blog post is in no way meant to be offensive to anyone. We all have different lifestyles and choices, I like the color purple…you may think purple is an ugly color. You know what? That’s cool. I just want to mention a website that I love and wish I had seen when I was pregnant with my daughter. No judging okay.That being said, if you have an issue with breastfeeding, cloth diapers, attachment parenting then this post isn’t for you. All rude comments will go simply be deleted,

Every once in awhile I like to write about a product or a website that I enjoy, this is one of those times.

Crunchy mom was not a term I heard until right before after I had my first child, I had no idea about wraps, cloth diapers, co-sleeping, homemade cleaning products, absolutely nothing. Toph and I were living in Tennessee, playing video games, eating gross unhealthy food, drinking liters of soda, and cleaning with gross chemicals. I can clearly remember eating canned beef stew almost every day yuck!

I was still into video gaming so I didn’t spend much time researching a whole lot (with the exception of spending hours researching vaccines, no judging remember).

One thing for sure that I was dead set on, was having a natural child birth experience…and I did get to experience it for a whole 18 hours before my midwife at the birthing cottage said “We’re sending you to the hospital, they are going to offer you an epidural just accept it”, and then 6 hours later I was being wheeled into the OR, and then 30 minutes later my daughter was born.

I knew I wanted to try cloth diapers but I never thought to ask anyone which diapers they suggested. Had I done that, I would NOT have used pre-folds, I would have known that I needed to wash said pre-folds, and those said pre-folds would have been used more then once…as a matter of fact I believe Lorelai was in a total of two cloth diapers before we gave up and went to *insert-name brand* diapers. Also, I didn’t know much about slings or wraps, and if I had searched more, I would have certainly spent a little extra to get a nice wrap instead of a sling that killed my back.

As for breastfeeding, that didn’t last very long either, and I had to supplement with an “organic” formula before just switching over 100% (I had surgery when she was less then 3 months old, and she preferred the bottle when the meds were out of my system). However we never practiced CIO with her and we only used “Natural” baby products on her skin.

Now we still ate some gross food, boxed meals, still drank soda, still used chemical cleaners, my kid had her fair share of crap candy.

When Leif came along things changed, this kid wore AIO cloth diapers and I remember gritting my teeth telling myself that I was doing a good thing, as I scrubbed his poopy diapers with my bare hands (it was worth it), he was breastfed until 18 months when he decided that drawing blood was a blast, he was a wrap baby.

Leif was born with a case of eczema…of course it took us switching from a mainstream pediatrician to a naturopath before anyone could tell us what was going on. I wanted to find things that wouldn’t irritate his skin, that’s when the crunch started. I read ingredients on everything, then read about those ingredients. After awhile I got so sick of not being able to find anything nice and gentle on my baby, that I started making my own soap.

After the starting in with the natural body care, I started cutting out gross boxed foods, nasty canned foods, and a lot of candy. Then we moved to our current house, that contained a kitchen twice three times the size of any kitchen we’d previously had. I started making my own cereal, sweets with ingredients that I felt were safe, I even started grinding my own flour. (I now only grind oatmeal into flour due to my issues with gluten waaaah)

We cut out artificially flavored/colored foods, no more HFCS, and I noticed a huge improvement in the behavior of my children. When my kids are slipped some candy I can tell, and I will hunt you down and leave them with you until they have calmed down and you have learned your lesson.

We even grow gardens now with heirloom veggies & buy our beef from friends who raise grass-fed beef.

It took me a good 7 years to learn all that I have about natural/attachement parenting and living a crunchy lifestyle. I wish I had took the time to do more research when I was younger, took the time to research other ways of parenting then what I grew up knowing about. That is why I am very excited to share with you this really cool website.

Crunchy Moms: Natural Healthy Living For Moms.

I originally came across Crunchy Moms via Facebook, the page was suggested to me by my friend (also a crunchy mama), they have a following of over 8,000 people and I can see why, they offer tips and tricks, and if you have a question for other crunchy moms, well this is the place to ask.

At the end of summer last year, they created a helpful website for parents & parents to be. They have a range off different topics from pregnancy (week by week and informed consent and your birth), to Parenting (brand new & up, and How to keep your child from being a picky eater), to Food & Nutrition ( Breastfeeding, Decoding crunchy food labels, & recipes).They even discuss things that you might be too embarrassed to ask your doctor, yep I’m going to say it folks: Pregnancy and sexual desire.

Crunchy Moms also offers reviews and monthly giveaways on items from businesses like My Chickadee Designs, which offer unique handmade in the USA items, and CahaBones dog treats (note to self, order some for Moose).

I really enjoy the blog posts written by other crunchy moms, not only have I found great tips on how to deal with tantrums, breast-milk home remedies, and even the common core.

I find that their website is very easy to navigate, not sure where to start? Recent activities, categories, and popular blogs are list on the right hand-side of your screen.

I found that the discussion rooms & groups were a little quiet, but I suspect it is because everyone is hanging out on their facebook page.

If you are pregnant, trying to conceive, already a parent, or just interested in the world of the crunch, I highly suggested heading over to

Tell your friends, tell your family, the website & facebook page are both a pretty cool site to check out!

Have a great night folks!

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