Happy New Year!

Happy New Year folks! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday season!

We’ve been busy as usual, but made time for some fun, and we are currently enjoying a two day snowstorm.

I’ve made several things since I last wrote:

A silly but warm hat for Toph

A little hard to tell here, but I made each of the kids a stuffed animal. They honestly didn’t come out too well, but the kids love them and snuggle with them at night, so I’m glad.

I also made some cloth tissues, I’m sure some would say this is pretty gross, however it’s easier to wipe little noses with something soft instead of something that is going to hurt their noses after awhile.

We had a nice Christmas, though the present I ordered for Toph on the 9th didn’t arrive until this afternoon

Nice handmade leather gloves with wool inside, they fit me snugly, & surprisingly they fit Toph as well. My present was delayed as well, as the wrong item was shipped, however it was well worth the wait

Long have I admired this set, and I knew it would be arriving, as Toph suggested that these would make a much better present then the silkworms I had been thinking about…honestly I had gone back and forth on the idea & even if the silk was harvested humanly, well I’m not a fan of bugs.

I’m still working away at the Min Ulla

I have moved on to the fourth chart and have two more to go…before I have to work all six charts backwards. It has been great fun and I’m looking forward to more fair isle knitting as I go forward. Thankfully, even though I have been plugging away at this scarf, since I’ve gone gluten free I have had no issues with carpal tunnel!

I only have a few knitting projects that I will be working on after this scarf is finished however, as I have two dresses that need to be sewn up for two important upcoming events. The first is the regency dress for my 30th birthday party & then a dress for a rehearsal dinner for the wedding of one of my very best friends. I knit better then I sew, so I welcome any and all encouragement!

I have been using my hand carders as blending boards and I have to say, I am very happy with the results

This is wool from dye day and while I do not have a picture of it spun up, it certainly turned out beautiful.

I also spun up a little of the silk as well, I am amazed with how thinly it can be spun and how strong it is.

Have a nice night folks!

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