Sometimes you just need to work through the pain

Well I have two pieces of bad news, but for a knitter like me, it could also be good news.

The first piece is that while I’ve been working hard on the scarf, my carpal tunnel has flared up a few times. The second piece is that it turns out that I have a gluten intolerance (I really love toast with eggs in the morning)

However, from what I’ve read, changing to a gluten free diet mighthelp with that, I’ll be interested in seeing what happens, though I do know that it is day two of being gluten free and the only headache that I’ve had since changing my diet is due to the fact that I got zapped earlier (I’ve had migraines daily since before my kids were born).

I’m still plugging away at this scarf

65 down, 227 to go

Have a nice night folks!

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