All I want to do is spin.

Ever have one of those days where you have a few moments and you decide to take advantage of that time to do something you enjoy?

Well over the weekend I colored some wool with natural food coloring that had expired, yet was too pricey to toss. It dried overnight in front of the wood stove and while the colors are very light, they are also beautiful.

So while my kids enjoyed some independent reading time this morning, I decided to card & spin a little. I put on a brand new bobbin, carded a little of each color, & started up and just as fast as I started, my wheel stopped.
Why you ask?, well it seems Moose has decided that the wheel is a item to curl up to. I moved the wheel over a foot or two, started up again, and then once again stopped.

By the time I was able to finally get it all settled, the kids had finished reading and it was time for lunch. Some other time I suppose.

I had a fantastic time at our guild meeting over the weekend, I ended up crocheting an ornament


And was excited to pick this one up at the ornament swap


I also came home with some alpaca & silk, and I purchased a beautiful shawl pin from a vendor!

Yesterday, I took some of Carrick’s fur and submerged it into a bowl of water (4 cups) & vinegar (1 cup) for about an hour


I then added the natural food coloring into six bowls with water, though the blue didn’t turn out blue so I could have left that out.


I then microwaved each for three minutes and left them to cool


When it cooled I first hung it over the tub till it stopped dripping and then moved it in front of the wood stove


Hopefully I can find time to spin it up while moose is occupied elsewhere.

Have a great day folks!

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