The scarf that wouldn’t end

I have to say, you folks are awesome. I don’t always stay on the subject of what I created this blog for, I’ve slowed down on writing since starting to homeschool, & I haven’t really finished any projects this year, but you all keep coming back. YOU ROCK!

I am almost finished with one project

The Wellengang Swell, or as I like to call it ‘The scarf that just won’t end’. It’s not really ready to end yet, but it feels like it will take forever before it is long enough to knit.
I am on row 185 of 240, I’ll keep plugging away though until it’s finished!!!

I also worked on the Min Ulla scarf some

This scarf seems to go by faster, I just really need to finish the swell before I can continue in this one.

Have a great weekend folks!

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