Over the river and through the woods

to grandfathers house we go. In reality, if we were to go to my grandfathers house for Thanksgiving, the song would be more like “200 miles over the highway and 5 hours of traffic, to grandfathers house we go”.

I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving, if you don’t celebrate Thanksgiving then I hope you had a fantastic day all the same. Toph and I spent the day stacking the final two cords of wood that we ended up ordering. We ran out of room in the shed



And ended up having to stack the rest of the wood inside.

I made three pies

20131130-143609.jpg pumpkin, apple, & avocado and cooked my very first turkey. I’ll be kind and not post pictures as this was our homegrown turkey, and I know it can be a little sad to see pictures of a turkey you watched grow up to be on a platter ready to eat.

We had a good day, full of yummy food & lounging around. I ventured out Friday for all of ten minutes, I dropped off library books and then headed back home. I’m not big on crowds or stores, I’m big on sitting in front of the fire place, drinking tea, and making gifts.
I had time to work on the wellengang swell

Which is now halfway finished!

We’ve been busy the past week

We made some friends at the aquarium

Lost a couple teeth

Lorelai and I went on a tour to see what it was like for servants who worked in huge mansions during the gilded age.

I also tried in vain for a couple days to get Toph to agree to adopt one of these Great Pyrenees


Which can be found over at http://www.BigFluffyDogs.com, he wouldn’t budge, he says when we own a house we will adopt but until then….I’ll keep bugging him. Moose needs a friend.

Big Fluffy Dogs is an amazing organization, they have saved so many dogs from high kill shelters, saved them from hoarding cases, and saved many abused & abandoned dogs. They have paid for many vet bills on their own dime. Please check them out!

Have a nice day folks!

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