Texting and Driving, not just the teens.

This post is going to be different from the rest, you see I was almost hit head on twice yesterday on our way to the library. Now the library is exactly five minutes from my house, I’ve timed it, I know exactly what time I need to start getting my kids ready in order to arrive for kids hour with ten minutes to spare.

The first incident occurred less then 30 seconds from leaving my house, I had barely made to my neighbors driveway when a car coming from the other direction started to come into my lane, I move my car over as far as I could as the other drive looked up and quickly swerved back into her lane. Less then two minutes later, another driver who I recognized as a grandmother who I would see at parent pick ups, was swerving in and out of my lane as if she decided she didn’t want to let the driver behind her pass or she is simply reaching that point in her life where she shouldn’t be driving anymore (no hate ok, there are older people who can drive perfectly fine & then there are some who shouldn’t be behind the wheel).

Now back to that first driver, I am writing an open letter for her but really, if you text and drive perhaps this is something that you should think about before you pick up your phone while behind the wheel.

To the first woman who almost hit me head on yesterday,

I’m sure as you weren’t paying attention to your surroundings, that you didn’t realize that I could see that you were texting on your phone, I bet because you weren’t paying attention you didn’t realize that I had two little beings in my car that I love more the life itself. I’m sure you didn’t think I would notice that you started texting again after you swerved back into your lane.
I’m sure you didn’t realize that I would recognize you, but I did. Like the lady after you, I recognized you from parent pick up, as it was right after the time kids normally get out of school, I am betting you had your kids in your vehicle as well.

There is no text message that is worth risking your life or the life of others, I’m sure whoever texted you would understand if you waited until you got home until you texted them back. It infuriates me that you would put texting over the safety of your kids, regardless of whether I had been there or not.
If you truly need to be in contact with someone while driving, place your phone in a GPS mount, call the person, & put it on speaker phone (all while you are stopped please).

So please to all who text and drive, put your phones down until you car is parked. There is no text more important then a human life.

One Comment on “Texting and Driving, not just the teens.

  1. I agree 100%. I suffer from others driving distracted. I just cannot comprehend why you need to do anything but driving while driving!
    I’m so tired if them putting their selfish desires ahead of the safety of everyone else.

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