Well my friends, I am sad that I have to write this, but we’ve decided to butcher some of our birds and re-home the rest. In the last week we’ve had issues with foxes, a fisher cat, one of our neighbors saw a bobcat nearby, and another shot a coyote. As we only rent our house, we are not in a position to further enhance the the area in which our chickens roam to keep them safer from predators…they are walking meals for all the wild critters.

It’s not fair to the birds that we weren’t ready to butcher and it isn’t fair to us that we are losing birds that we spent a lot of money on. We will try again when we own a home and can do with the land what we like. Until then, it will just be Ailey, Moose, & Carrick.

I suppose that is the downside of living on a farm, losing animals….this has just been too much.

To leave on a brighter note, here is one of the Christmas presents I started the other day.

Have a nice night folks.

One Comment on “Surrender

  1. So sorry about your birds. All that reservoir property makes a perfect haven for those predators. My mom has a terrible problem with deer in her garden in Clayville – she’s close to throwing in the towel on that.

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