Double knitting

Once there was a girl who wanted to learn everything she could learn about knitting, she studied patterns, watched videos, & practiced until her hands ached with carpal tunnel. Then one day last year she was stumped, she came across a pattern that called for double knitting.
No matter where the knitter looked or how many unhelpful videos she watched, she could not for the life of her figure out how to double knit. She spent three months vowing to never give up, and then one day she did…..

Until yesterday, yes folks I have done it, I have finally figured it out!



The other evening I was perusing my libraries e-book catalog and found five knitting books to download, I browsed through a few which had patterns that made me want to rip my knitting needles out of my tunik, so I could start on something new. Then I came across the book ‘Knitting scarves from around the world”, part way through the book the words “double knitting” caught my eye. Did I dare read what it had to say?! I spent so many tears (15 minutes) trying to figure out this technique.
oh why the hell not I thought to myself, I read it over and it was like it was meant to be. Out of all the website, YouTube videos, and people I had asked, never before was I given an answer like this: (I’m putting it in my own words, I don’t want to get bit by any copywriter stuff….plus I have pictures).

Ok so I don’t have pictures for casting on but the chart I am using calls for casting on 21, however as I am double knitting I cast on 21 of each color. Like so a,b,a,b,a,b,a,b ect.

So here is the fun part, the part I couldn’t figure out:

Color a = tan
Color b = red

Your first stitch with color a will be a knit stitch, you want to hold both colors in the back. Now slip color a into color a on the left needle and knit as normal.

Now bring both colors forward


Purl with color b

Now bring both colors back and continue on.

When you turn your work, you will want to twist the yarn and knit color b & purl color a.

Now really, that is the explanation I was looking for! Why Internet world have I not found a simple answer like this?!

I really hope that I was able to help at least one person with this explanation.

Happy Halloween Folks!

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