*all names have been changed for some sort of privacy

I feel like I’ve just been on nonstop since I last wrote, always doing something, barely time to sit down. Well folks, now I am being forced to sit down. Yes what started as a minor cold, ended up as full fledged bronchitis (I’m assuming), with chills, aches, and lack of voice la la la la la la *cough hack*. So I figured while I’m here stuck on the couch, drinking 283,854,435,948 mg of vitamin C, I’d whip out a blog.

We’ve lost a few more feathered friends, a fox dug under our chicken coop and managed to kill a duck, Moose chased it away for a good twenty minutes. We had just gone out on a whim around nine o’clock and night and sure enough there was the fox. The decision was made that the next morning we would move all the birds into the barn, the cement floor is a little over a foot thick and we had previously converted an old horse stall into a nice living space for our ducks…who decided they like to sleep with the chickens.

The next morning we went out to see the fox once again in the coop, feasting on our turkey, Christmas. I was livid, Moose cornered the fox in an old shed up in the woods, some thirty or forty feet away from the coop. With tears I ran into the house and grabbed a shot gun (for Toph)and a bow & arrow (silly I know, but I’ve gotten pretty good at archery). I won’t go into details, but the fox is no more. That is the second fox that has met his demise this month and I am hoping it is the last, it isn’t a good feeling.

After Toph left for work that morning, I set out to move the birds. By the time Toph had come home, I had moved the roosting bars and the feed. We moved Carricks pen, as well as all the nesting boxes and while the birds have been hesitant to go into the barn at night, they end up there one way or another.

I am thankful that all the birds are in a safe place now, as Marion has started laying again and Toph found six large duck eggs in the corner of the barn this evening.

I taught my second knitting class on Wednesday, I am happy to report that all twelve of my students (k-5) can know do the knit stitch! I think I may continue working on the knit stitch for the first half of class this coming week, there are a few girls who don’t feel confident yet, and the second half will focus on the purl stitch and then it’s all uphill from there!

Speaking of knitting

While I haven’t finished my sleeve (or started the second) for my bartók tunik, I did get several more rows of contrast coloring in. I was a little nervous the contrast color wouldn’t stand out. Don’t get me wrong it is still dark, but I rather like it.

I’ve also been working on Toph’s sweater, I’m hoping to have it finished by his birthday in January.

I started sewing the kids halloween costumes the other day, we had a Halloween party last night (I lost my voice at the end of the party), I struggled with Lorelai’s costume, and sadly she ended up having to wear last years costume, as the foot in my sewing machine contorted itself and I’ve been to scared to touch it.

I will leave you with a picture I took of my backyard a few weeks ago, it was a lovely foggy morning


Have a great night folks!

One Comment on “Whirlwind

  1. Magical photo of your backyard.
    Sorry about all your barnyard troubles. Let’s hope it’s quite for awhile now.
    And most of all, may you get well soon!

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